The way of the horse Appaloosa

There’s plenty of information about Indian Appaloosas out there. So there’s no need to elaborate on the ins and outs of this unique breed, which is suitable for anyone looking for a companion horse, hacks through nature, or even a top performer in the working or sporting field when a Quarter Horse is introduced to the mix. But my horses aren’t for just anyone who has the money. Money doesn’t play a major role in who I entrust my horses to. They are for those who are looking for more. Those who don’t just pick with their eyes. Just as they chose me, they may be choosing you right now. Nothing is a coincidence. It’s no coincidence that you’re on the TAA CAMINO stables website.

I wasn’t born into the horse world like many of you. And yet, these majestic, breathtaking and admirable animals have found me. I’ve been trying out different riding clubs over a number of years, but all I could find were mechanical “machines” with no spark in their eyes. Maybe you’ve also been spurred on by the typical “He’s refusing? Push more! He has to listen!” But something inside me rebelled and I questioned if this is what a relationship with a horse should be?! A power struggle to determine who’s boss?! But at the time, the trainers’ orders backed by years of experience managed to suppress this calling for something different, for a different Way…

And then one day, after several turns and crossroads, which led me to stray away from horses entirely, a “coincidence”, which doesn’t exist, introduced me to a mare of a lifetime, Fany, an American Quarter Horse, with an amazing bloodline but less amazing (bad) habits. Fany gradually upturned everything I thought I was capable of and knew about horses, breaking down every established formula I had. And she did this in a very rough and uncompromising way :). “Don’t you know how to ride with balance? Then get off.” “Learn how to use your own body before you try to direct mine.” I could’ve made a thousand excuses about her being a “typical chestnut mare” with all the stereotypes attached to them, but her outlook offered a joint search for solutions, she wants to cooperate, she needs connection, she needs my mind to be clear. She taught me that pressure and force can never achieve as much as a soft breath and gentleness can. She shifted my desire from just wanting to ride to craving understanding...  (more about Fany here )

Over the years, Fany’s herd composition changed from temporary occupants to longer-term equine colleagues, until I realised that my only way to understand horses was to live among them. An extraordinary leader, Appaloosa mare Hatori (more about Hatori here), joined the herd She instructs the rest on when to go where, what to do, and everyone bows down before her when she walks past. Yet another exceptional mentor for working with space, matter, energy and the body. And she does this with incredible and almost invisible gentleness..

And so we embarked on a journey together – the Way of the Horse, understanding through gentleness. Building a balanced and functional herd with a leading mare and stallion, creating the only possible and best environment for the psychological well-being of each individual, and the natural development of foals. They can play with one another, are raised with set rules and authority, in the rhythm of Nature, and are prepared for living alongside humans at the same time. Naturally, consistently, without force. The way they understand it. The way they’ll offer it to anyone who wants to see what’s under the surface of “He has to listen.”

Exceptional. Unique. Incorruptible. Devoted. Big-hearted. Horses at TAA CAMINO.