HOLLY DROOPS FANTASY american quarter horse, 6 panel N/N
after: Hollywood Jac 86, Hollywood Dun It, Doc Bar, Doc Olena, Leo

She came to me many years ago destroyed, broken by early backing and conventional western training that doesn’t see the horse as an individual in any way. So we spent a long time just working on eliminating the panic response to a saddle itself, on building trust, on establishing a relationship without fear yet with respect. She is my most honest mirror, she has never given me anything for free. When I get upset about her not being good at something, she gets upset with me too. When I thought I could just get on and ride, Fany showed me that before I learn how to control my own body, I shouldn’t try to control hers. On the other hand, she stops at nothing to get some praise and make me feel good. That’s when she loves working with people, loves exploring new things, loves deeply with the fire that burns inside her. She has helped me in my work and taught me how to understand horses more than any other lecturer. I can ride her on loose reins, she’s very responsive to seat aids, especially out and about, just like a true Indian horse. She loves forests, hills, she can gallop smoothly through the trees, being one with Nature. But she needs guidance, and she needs to be sure that you’re the leader. She hates force and pressure. Her strength lies in gentleness.


Fany’s pedigree is top-tier, stallions in her bloodline from the hall of fame:

Hollywood Jac 86 - this stallion caused a reigning revolution. Despite his noble name, he certainly didn’t look like a celebrity. He wasn’t your typical handsome type, was smaller in stature, but the moment he performed his sliding stop, the crowd would go wild. He passed this ability onto his offspring with such reliability that Hollywood Jac’s entire dynasty soon emerged. Hollywood Dun It - NRHA Derby and Superstakes Champion and Futurity Res. Doc Bar – the stallion considered the foundation sire of every cutting horse. Doc Olena - a true gift to the horse world! Throughout his career, he managed to win over twenty thousand dollars and dominate many huge shows. Leo – an unbelievably fast horse on the track who improved the original Quarter Horse bloodline. 

What you can expect from Fany’s offspring:

An above-average willingness to work with people. They’ll laugh with you, celebrate successes with you, but also get angry at you if you’re insincere. They love your emotions, you don’t have to hide anything from them. Communicate in a way that they’ll easily understand and they’ll happily follow your guidance. Both in the herd and in your mutual partnership. By selecting the appropriate sire, Fanny’s offspring are more inclined to remain calm in crisis situations and remain determined when working with their owner, whether you want to enjoy the company of your horse as a recreational rider or you have sporting ambitions. Quarter Horses are horses suitable for beginners. Thanks to their comfortable size, you can easily mount them from the ground, so you can enjoy hacks and other events to the fullest. Each of Fany’s offspring shares the fire in her eyes that will keep your heart warm for a lifetime.

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