There’s plenty of information about Indian Appaloosas out there. So there’s no need to elaborate on the ins and outs of this unique breed, which is suitable for anyone looking for a companion horse, hacks through nature, or even a top performer in the working or sporting field when a Quarter Horse is introduced to the mix. But my horses aren’t for just anyone who has the money. Money doesn’t play a major role in who I entrust my horses to. They are for those who are looking for more. Those who don’t just pick with their eyes. Just as they chose me, they may be choosing you right now. Nothing is a coincidence. It’s no coincidence that you’re on the TAA CAMINO stables website.




RUSTY TORI PRINCESS appaloosa, 6 panel N/N
pedigree: www.allbreedpedigree.com 
after: Rusty Lil Dry Doc, Princess Moccasin, Moccasin Chief, Pastel Plaudit

Hatori, an exceptional and unique lead mare. A walking authority, she teaches lessons of space and energy. She came to me “by accident”, it was probably the first time that I haven’t seen a horse in person before buying it. And yet, as soon as we looked into each other’s eyes it was like two interlinked souls were reunited, as if she let out a phlegmatic “well hooray! We’ve finally made it back to each other.”

Hatori speaks with her eyes and rides with her thoughts. Literally. She’ll let you experience all the myths and legends about horses being capable of this firsthand. She’ll give you a glimpse inside a horse’s soul, a deep well of knowledge and centuries-old wisdom. She’ll offer you forgiveness for your own mistakes. She’ll offer you balance, harmony, a new outlook and bring you peace. She offers this to anyone who wants to listen with more than just their ears. If you silence your inner voices, you’ll find a voice that you both have in common.


HOLLY DROOPS FANTASY american quarter horse, 6 panel N/N
pedigree: www.allbreedpedigree.com 
after: Hollywood Jac 86, Hollywood Dun It, Doc Bar, Doc Olena, Leo

She came to me many years ago destroyed, broken by early backing and conventional western training that doesn’t see the horse as an individual in any way. So we spent a long time just working on eliminating the panic response to a saddle itself, on building trust, on establishing a relationship without fear yet with respect. She is my most honest mirror, she has never given me anything for free. When I get upset about her not being good at something, she gets upset with me too. When I thought I could just get on and ride, Fany showed me that before I learn how to control my own body, I shouldn’t try to control hers. On the other hand, she stops at nothing to get some praise and make me feel good. That’s when she loves working with people, loves exploring new things, loves deeply with the fire that burns inside her. She has helped me in my work and taught me how to understand horses more than any other lecturer. I can ride her on loose reins, she’s very responsive to seat aids, especially out and about, just like a true Indian horse. She loves forests, hills, she can gallop smoothly through the trees, being one with Nature. But she needs guidance, and she needs to be sure that you’re the leader. She hates force and pressure. Her strength lies in gentleness.


JERRY DREAM TAA CAMINO appaloosa, 6 panel N/N

mother: Rusty Tori Princess, pedigree: www.allbreedpedigree.com
father: Legacy Maids Dream, pedigree: www.allbreedpedigree.com


Jerry’s sire was chosen for his phenomenal sporting lineage, with stallions like Imprints Legacy (ROM title holder in reining) in his direct line of descent, and Legacy himself stands out with his perfect exterior and talent in reining. His offspring have an excellent character, balanced nature, inherit the perfect exterior (correct conformation, a beautiful gentle head, big cheeks, a thick long mane). There is an abundance of ROM title holders and producers of high-quality offspring in his pedigree!

You can find more about Jerry’s mother Hatori here. Just to give you a brief introduction, she is a lead mare with an incredible character, impressive calmness, with deep insight and wisdom, and a pedigree with names like the legendary Rusty Lil Dry Doc, Moccasin Chief, et..

Jerry is therefore destined for actively working with humans, whether in the form of mastering precise turns around trees in the woods, riding in all types of terrain, working with cattle, or excelling in the arena on a professional level.

Happy Al

HAPPY AL ROYAL TAA CAMINO quarter horse, 6 panel N/N

mother: Holly Droops Fantasy, pedigree: www.allbreedpedigree.com
father: AP Royal Bar, pedigree: www.allbreedpedigree.com


Happy’s father was chosen because his calm character perfectly complements the fiery nature of his mother (more about Fany here).The dam is an extraordinary mare with a pedigree full of names that need no introduction (Hollywood Jac 86, Doc Bar, Doc Olena). Fany is your mirror, the reflection of your inner self. She does her best to satisfy your every whim and loves when she can hand the situation over to her human leader.

Happy’s sire is a very calm stallion with lots of character, willing to work with humans to the best of his ability even during the breeding season! His calm nature and love for people is passed down to his offspring, who accompany him on the start lines of competitions all over Europe. He is a balanced horse with comfortable gaits. He has a natural flair for all the elements of Western riding and is an excellent stopper with a natural gift for movement. He also shows off his innate cow sense when working with calves! AP is the grandson of the legendary stallion Surprise Enterprise (World Champion, NRHA money earner $44,873, earnings of offspring $386,012).

Happy Al has the correct conformation, excellent character traits with a willingness to work, and the versatile power of a 4-wheel drive engine, making him perfect for active recreation, sports or even as a working horse.