Horses for sale Appaloosa

Our exceptional horses at TAA CAMINO live on large pastures, not in mixed herds (with geldings), because that doesn’t exist in nature. They live in a functional family unit, with other mothers, a stallion and peers, which is a rare sight with domesticated horses, and yet so amazing for the development of foals and the psychological well-being of the horse! It’s beautiful to watch how a herd with a leading mare and strong stallion energy manages upbringing, corrects bad habits, controls the space.

Still, I want to make sure that weaning and meeting their new owner don’t come as a shock to the foals, and that it’s not the first time they come into contact with a two-legged stranger. So they grow up with as much freedom as possible, but not in a completely wild state. The foals maintain a sense of security, and are gradually taught to respect the people around them through clear communication. I often work with foals with the help of their mother, as all of them are friendly and like engaging with me. The foals soon join in on their own. And so they are taught how to lift their legs, stand still, and are accustomed to touch by pleasant scratches all over their bodies including the sensitive flank area. Sticking their heads in the halter is a fun game, and being led and responding to the leash is a new adventure beyond of what they already know. They respect the electric fence. Their bad habits aren’t tolerated unlike they often are by beginners, who excuse them for being babies. For new owners without previous experience with foals, the purchase price includes a lesson explaining the basic rules of youngster behaviour and upbringing!

All the horses going to their new homes are healthy just like their parents are, but I also have them tested for genetic diseases just in case. The internet is full of empty talk, but we pride ourselves on honesty, which we are happy to back up with action.

Horses at TAA CAMINO can’t just be bought by paying the purchase price.

They will guide you through life in exceptional ways.

They will offer you their soul. So there’s no use in just showing up with money, you have to show them yourself. They’ll help you.


HAPPY AL ROYAL TAA CAMINO quarter horse, 6 panel N/N

mother: Holly Droops Fantasy, pedigree:
father: AP Royal Bar, pedigree:

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JERRY DREAM TAA CAMINO appaloosa, 6 panel N/N

mother: Rusty Tori Princess, pedigree:
father: Legacy Maids Dream, pedigree:

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