RUSTY TORI PRINCESS appaloosa, 6 panel N/N
pedigree: www.allbreedpedigree.com 
after: Rusty Lil Dry Doc, Princess Moccasin, Moccasin Chief, Pastel Plaudit

Hatori, an exceptional and unique lead mare. A walking authority, she teaches lessons of space and energy. She came to me “by accident”, it was probably the first time that I haven’t seen a horse in person before buying it. And yet, as soon as we looked into each other’s eyes it was like two interlinked souls were reunited, as if she let out a phlegmatic “well hooray! We’ve finally made it back to each other.”

Hatori speaks with her eyes and rides with her thoughts. Literally. She’ll let you experience all the myths and legends about horses being capable of this firsthand. She’ll give you a glimpse inside a horse’s soul, a deep well of knowledge and centuries-old wisdom. She’ll offer you forgiveness for your own mistakes. She’ll offer you balance, harmony, a new outlook and bring you peace. She offers this to anyone who wants to listen with more than just their ears. If you silence your inner voices, you’ll find a voice that you both have in common.


Hatori's phenomenal pedigree includes unique legendary names:

father – Rusty Lil Dry Doc: Multiple Champion, won over 4000 dollars in just 2 Reining competitions! ApHCG Reining Futurity champion and Americana 2008 - ERAA Co-Reserve Futurity champion!

Mother’s side – mother Princess Moccasin: breeding legend of the Czech Republic, USA origin, sporting bloodline, her father Moccasin Chief is in the hall of fame: Halter Futurity Producer, Regional High Points, Western Riding, Trail, Producing Offspring. Her mother Princess is the no less famous Pastel Plaudit: Halter Futurity Producer, Producing Offspring

What you can expect from Hatori’s offspring:

Above all, healthy self-confidence and fearlessness, accentuated by the choice of the father who will reinforce and solidify these qualities. Among other things, horses learn by continuously observing their surroundings and interacting with members of the herd, so Hatori’s offspring see their mother, a true leader, who can remain zen even in unexpected situations. This makes them balanced, more stress resilient, meaning that they don’t get thrown off easily, if at all. They’re independent from a young age, gravitating towards the stallion in the herd who adds an element of a “stronger hand”. Hatori isn’t an anxious mother, she gives her foals space to experience things on their own, opening doors to curiosity, games, but also “scraped knees”. Her offspring are resilient, and the colts in particular could make both excellent life companions and productive stud horses that don’t get overcome by hormones. Fillies by Hatori will be valued highly in breeding. Thanks to their stellar pedigree, the offspring are extremely versatile. From hacks in nature, completing work tasks, to having a professional sports career.

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