Happy Al

HAPPY AL ROYAL TAA CAMINO quarter horse, 6 panel N/N

mother: Holly Droops Fantasy, pedigree: www.allbreedpedigree.com
father: AP Royal Bar, pedigree: www.allbreedpedigree.com


Happy’s father was chosen because his calm character perfectly complements the fiery nature of his mother (more about Fany here).The dam is an extraordinary mare with a pedigree full of names that need no introduction (Hollywood Jac 86, Doc Bar, Doc Olena). Fany is your mirror, the reflection of your inner self. She does her best to satisfy your every whim and loves when she can hand the situation over to her human leader.

Happy’s sire is a very calm stallion with lots of character, willing to work with humans to the best of his ability even during the breeding season! His calm nature and love for people is passed down to his offspring, who accompany him on the start lines of competitions all over Europe. He is a balanced horse with comfortable gaits. He has a natural flair for all the elements of Western riding and is an excellent stopper with a natural gift for movement. He also shows off his innate cow sense when working with calves! AP is the grandson of the legendary stallion Surprise Enterprise (World Champion, NRHA money earner $44,873, earnings of offspring $386,012).

Happy Al has the correct conformation, excellent character traits with a willingness to work, and the versatile power of a 4-wheel drive engine, making him perfect for active recreation, sports or even as a working horse.

Happy Al

Happy Al for sale:

Foals leave for their new homes raised by a unique herd with a lead mare, stallion, other mothers, peers, but not left to turn wild. They are habituated to humans, all-over touching, hoof trimming, veterinary visits, walks on a leash, respecting a human’s personal space, retreats and reversals, all in such a way that the horse-human relationship is kept positive and the company of bipeds is a welcome and pleasurable experience. The foals remain playful, happy “babies” who are encouraged to explore, investigate and be active outside of the pasture that they call home. They go for walks, they are used to different terrain, they know how to behave around dogs, children, cyclists and cars. Don’t forget, you’re getting a youngster, and the way they turn out to be is mainly on you!!! That’s why we offer a lesson on the basics of working with a foal as part of the price, to help guide beginners who want to raise their own horse.

Happy Al’s price: 6.000 €